U2F - Universelle Zweifaktor-Authentifizierung

U2F ist ein von Google getriebener Standard, welcher unter dem Namen “FIDO” geführt wird. In Zusammenarbeit mit Yubico wurde die FIDO Alliance gegründet, welche fortan die Weiterentwicklung des FIDO-Standards übernimmt und überwacht. Kern dieses Standards ist ein USB-Dongle, welcher in Zusammenarbeit mit einer Software (bspw. Google Chrome) in der Lage...

Spotlight: Git rebase

This article is about the common problem one faces, when working with feature branches. At one point in time one wants to reintegrate a feature (branch) back into the current development branch (often called master or development). Git offers two different approaches for this: The simplest one is a git...
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Spotlight: Git index

I cannot remember when I started to use version control systems (VCS), but I know that I started by using Apache’s SVN. Nowadays the tool Git has gained more attention and is used in many companies as well as in software engineering in general. But even though I am using...
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Toggle Sidebars using CSS and @keyframes

Most modern websites do have a navigation pane on their left side which contain a logo and links. On small screens the size of such a navigation pane takes too much space on screen and should not be painted. Hence, some smart people invented the so called “Hamburger”-Icon which indicates...