Java equals() vs. hashCode() methods

I recently stumbled upon the two methods equals() and hashCode() in Java while I was implementing a class which should be able to be comparable. My first try was just to use the common equals() method in java.lang.Object which lead to the problem that the method always returned false–but why?...

Keeping phpMyAdmin up-to-date

I recently got a message from my local phpMyAdmin installation to update to the most current version. I then headed to the web page of phpMyAdmin and started to download the latest stable Release. But then I recognized, that phpMyAdmin has moved its source to GitHub. So why not checking...
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[Updated] Writing papers and doing proper backup?!

This article is about how to save papers and how to back it up properly. I am currently writing some papers on different topics and as I am studying Information Systems – Wirtschaftsinformatik – I am aware of hardware or software crashes. Therefore I have found a very simple but...
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